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So, last night I posted about losing my ‘oomph’ (here) and I have decided to share my journey of trying to get it back!

find my oomph!

To do that I need to set myself some goals.

The first set of goals are going to probably seem a little bit basic to some people. Like well surely you do that everyday. But here lies the point. No, I don’t always…but I’m going to 😉

  1. Get you and the boys dressed, teeth cleaned, washed etc EVERY DAY (before midday)
  2. Take each boy out for an hour for mummy/boy time once a week (take them somewhere THEY would enjoy- they aren’t really into shopping unfortunately!)
  3. Each week set out a meal plan. And STICK TO IT (no takeaways allowed-we need to start eating better as a family)
  4. Have one night each week where you and hubby turn off phones and enjoy each others company
  5. Spend one FULL hour each day COMPLETELY focused on something the boys are doing, no phone, no TV, no ipad, no cigarette (*hangs head in shame*)
  6. Book theory test
  7. Book to get hair done (I’ve not had it cut on over a year *cringe*)
  8. Put some make up on every day (and actually take it off at night!)
  9. Drink 4 glasses of water a day (I drink way too much coke!)
  10. Have 1 day trip out when James is home. (Lets get loving the outside with Daddy too)


So there you have it, my  10 VERY simple goals for my first fortnight. See you on the 27th for my update!


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9 thoughts on “Find My Oomph!

  • The Lazy Housewife

    Having read your post about losing your oomph, I thought what a great idea it was and that I would try to set some goals, but you’ve just done it for me! All of these are applicable to me too!! Except No 7. I already booked the hairdresser when I was in town a couple of days ago (but only cos my Mum said she’d pay for me to get my hair cut as a birthday present and as we walked past the hairdresser she pushed me through the door and told me she’d look after both kids next Weds). I’m going to have to think of some original ones myself. Look forward to hearing how you get on.

    • Sons, Sand & Sauvignon Post author

      It’s not going too bad, I’m not achieving everything everyday but hey! And the hardest is actually getting everyone dressed by midday hehe! I generally potter around all morning in my pj bottoms (and a top of course!) and before I know it James is collecting Hayden from pre school and its 11:40. I will get there! (hopefully) Hope everything went smoothly yesterday and you have all your furniture now xx

  • Cate @meaddthree

    Wow I think you’re doing amazingly well just keeping three little people, a husband and yourself alive, let alone these goals! Good luck with them – just getting to the park for 20 mins every day is a start, although I totally understand how impossible it must be with three kids! X