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Welcome to the first post in my brand new DIY Wedding Tutorial series.

Here, I will show you how you can create some beautiful wedding decorations and stationery for half the cost of having a supplier provide them for you.

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Many brides choose to ‘DIY’ lots of aspects of their weddings these days. From stationery to their own wedding cakes.

As we feel the pinch of everyday life, it isn’t as easy to have a lavish wedding without worrying about costs. Many of us pay for our own weddings with little or no financial support from family, which means we have to get creative about what our money is being spent on.

When I got married 5 and a half years ago, I chose to DIY all of my own stationery, centrepieces and favours. Not because of cost but because I love getting creative. I definitely didn’t save money either as I pretty much spent a years salary in Hobbycraft. So here I will show you how you can achieve the looks I am creating at a tiny cost!

Love the feature but really have no crafty bones? Well fear not, I can provide anything I make here for you at a fraction of the cost you would get from well established wedding suppliers. Please get in touch if you see anything you fancy!

This week I am kicking off the series with Tissue Paper Pom Poms.

Tissue Paper tutorial

I know there are lots of these tutorials around but I wanted to start with something that is super easy to make but can change the complete look of a plain venue without it breaking the bank!

The looks you can create are endless! The size, shape, colour, & final appearance can be adjusted to suit your needs. And one large pom pom can cost you as little as £1 to make!

So lets get started!

What you'll need Pom Pom

You will need:



  • 10 Sheets of Tissue Paper in your chosen colour

  • A pair of good Scissors

  • Craft Wire or a pipe cleaner

  • Ribbon or clear fishing wire (depending on whether you want to see what is holding up the pom pom)









  1. Firstly, lay out your tissue paper on a flat surface and ensure that the sheets are relatively in line.
  2. Use a ruler to guide your first fold. Around an inch works well.
  3. Turn over the tissue paper and fold it back on itself, like a concertina

Tissue paper Pom Pom

4. Continue this process until all the tissue paper is folded. It should look something like this

Step 4 Tissue Paper Pom Pom

5. Fold the tissue paper in half to create a crease at the centre

6. Get your craft wire or pipe cleaner and fold it around the centre crease.

7. Once secure use the rest of the wire/pipe cleaner to create a loop. This will not be visible once the pom pom is finished so does not have to be neat.

Step 5-7 Tissue Paper Pom Pom

8. Next, cut the edges of the tissue paper. You can either cut into a point or a curve. Each different type of cut creates a slightly different effect to the final pom pom. It is quite difficult to cut all 10 pieces together, so neaten the edges where necessary

9. Fan out the tissue paper so it looks a bit like a bow

Step 8/9 Tissue Paper Pom Pom

10. Now comes the delicate part. Start separating the pieces of tissue paper, alternating the sides each time. Remember tissue paper is very delicate so do not rush this part.

Step 10 Tissue Paper Pom Pom

11. Once you have separated 5 sheets on either side turn over and repeat.

Step 11 Tissue Paper Pom Pom

12. Once all the sheets are separated it will look something like this

Step 12 Tissue Paper Pom Pom

13. Neaten any gaps

14. Tie clear fishing wire or a ribbon to your wire loop, remembering to ensure it is long enough for its purpose.

15. And there you have your finished pom pom

Step 13-15 Tissue Paper Pom Pom


I think the final result is lovely!

Finished Tissue Paper Pom Poms

I would love to see your results if you have given this tutorial a go!



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One thought on “DIY Wedding Tutorial #1 Tissue Paper Pom Poms

  • Cindy Hoffman

    i agree with you, DIY for a wedding is the way to go when you want to save money. Furthermore it also gives you a chance to stand out uniquely and also choose a style that you love. Bouquets are the ones that I have always found easy to craft and come up with different designs.