It’s ok to question yourself from time to time 15

Recently, I have written a fair few posts that are quite personal to me, and they have had such an amazing response. My post from last week about whether Autism has turned me into a lazy parent, has been seen by a lot more people than usual and I have had […]

The ordinary moments #1

{The Ordinary Moments} #1 4

One of my goals for 2016 is to improve my photography. Not just the standard of it, but also capturing the moments that really make me smile and feel warm and fuzzy inside. I have never been one to have a camera permanently attached to my hand, and often look […]

Is he ready for the potty?

I have been really reluctant to potty train Ellis for a couple of reasons. Hayden was so difficult and the level of ‘accidents’ became incredibly stressful for all of us. For about 2 months my house literally smelt like a toilet. Obviously, potty training Hayden was a very different ball game […]

How can you swear at your children? 25

I generally try not to judge other parents. Something I have been more mindful of since having an autistic son. I have no idea what people are dealing with in their lives, so when I see a child having a serious tantrum in a supermarket, I’m not quick to blame […]

My top ten phrases as a mum! 11

As parent’s we find ourselves repeating ourselves over and over and over again! I have lost count of the times I have shouted certain phrases at the boys. I’m not sure whether they just zone out of my voice or whether they are blatantly ignoring every single thing that comes out […]

my top ten phrases as a mum

Competition: Could a book give us our evenings back? 12

I have always been lucky in the fact all three of my children have slept through from quite an early age.  It was a shock to the system each time I had another baby. I forgot how precious my evenings were with James, or even just chilling with the TV […]

Wicked Wednesday 6th January 16

Well it’s time for the first Wicked Wednesday post of 2016! Linking up with the lovely Em from Brummy Mummy of 2. On Sunday i decided it was time to take the decorations down! I usually do it on New Years Day, but just didn’t have the motivation to get […]

I don’t need your parenting advice 21

From the moment you announce a pregnancy, you find yourself bombarded with tips, tricks, parenting advice, opinions and judgment from pretty much everyone you know. Even people you don’t know. Some of this is welcomed, some, not so much. I have to admit, I too have been guilty of doing this. I […]

Happy 1st Birthday little one. A year in pictures. 16

I really wanted to write a blog post to mark Kinley’s 1st birthday. But after sitting at the laptop for a fair old while, I cannot seem to find the words. I am a complete mix of emotions today. I cannot believe he is 1 already, I have a huge […]

1st birthday

But I want to take a photo! 10

I used to be rubbish at taking photographs. Many milestones and occasions were left without personal photographic memories. I used to embrace the moment and forget all about documenting it, let alone posting it to social media. Since I started blogging though, if anything happens, good or bad, the first […]

Age appropriate. What does that even mean? 19

There has been a huge hype in recent months about gender stereotyping toys. And whilst I think there is an element of natural human instinct when it comes to what our children choose to play with, I would never discourage my children wanting to play with something ‘intended’ for girls. […]

age appropriate

Kinley's Toddler Application

Kinley’s Toddler Application 22

As Ellis recently had an internal promotion to pre-schooler, we now have a toddler vacancy going spare in the Sons, Sand & Sauvignon household. As Kinley is now 11 months old (i know, right?!?!) he has decided he would like to apply for the role of toddler. So very reluctantly […]