Hayden and Autism – An Update 1

As it has been a while since I have posted much on here I thought it would be appropriate to give you a little update on how Hayden is getting on. I last gave an update on Hayden and autism in March where I looked at the different ways autism […]

Hayden and autism

The day Hayden took part in Sports Day 10

Whenever a school event comes up, I very often have little expectation on how much Hayden will get involved. Not in a bad way. It is something I started doing after feeling upset every time he struggled to take part in any activity. It is hard to see your child’s […]

Does Hayden have ADHD? 12

This week saw our follow up appointment after Hayden’s autism diagnosis in November last year. The appointment itself was a little disappointing if I am honest. We were in the consultation room for less than twenty minutes. I didn’t know what I was expecting but something a little more thorough than […]

Does Hayden have ADHD?

Obsessive Compulsive Behaviours 8

When I say obsessive compulsive behaviours, I don’t mean OCD. There is definitely none of that in this house, I’m talking about the compulsive behaviours Hayden has. Behaviours that he does again and again and again no matter how much hair I’ve pulled out or whether the people living three […]

Faith restored in SALT…For now! 5

You may remember a post I wrote a couple of weeks ago about Hayden deserving better. How the professionals involved with his care, in our opinion, were not doing the best they can to meet his needs. Well I have to be honest, following meetings with both the school and […]


expensive new habit

An expensive new habit 8

Hayden had always had a fairly decent relationship with food. Whilst he will not eat things he does not recognise, he has a healthy appetite and generally gets quite a varied diet. Not as varied as I would like, but I know we could have it a whole load worse. […]

You know your an autism parent when… 8

Since learning Hayden may have autism and throughout the early part of his diagnosis journey, a lot of the time I felt quite alone in what I was going through. I didn’t want to research too much as I couldn’t process it all and I felt very much like even though […]

He deserves better 14

Before I get into the post I am sharing with you I would just like to make a little disclaimer. The subject I am writing about is fairly sensitive and I want to make it quite clear that whilst all of the facts in this post are indeed facts, any […]

Hayden’s Speech 8

Hayden’s Speech has been the biggest challenge for us with regards to his autism. I cannot help but think every other behaviour we have problems with would be so much easier to handle if we had the beauty of communication. I don’t mean I expect in depth conversations on why he […]

Hayden's Speech!

Autism and illness 13

This week Hayden has been really poorly. Something very rare for him. He deals with illness much like he deals with pain, it doesn’t really phase him. If he falls or bumps himself it is usually followed by a quick run up and down the house accompanied by a little scream, […]

Autism & Bad Habits 11

As a parent to a child with Autism, very often you have to make a decision over which battles you are going to fight and which you are going to let slide. In the early days, pre diagnosis and soon after diagnosis, many of your battles aren’t with your own […]

Autism & Bad Habits

I can’t read 12

Yesterday my father in law sent James and I a book. The book in question is called Living with Jonathan by Sheila Barton. A book about parenting autism. Her story and her journey with her little Jonathan. From reading the blurb on the back, I knew I would relate to her story and looked […]