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Budget Beautiful

Welcome to Budget Beautiful!

When myself and James got married just over 5 years ago, we were lucky enough to be in a very stable situation when it came to finance. We never set a budget when it came to planning our wedding but if I am honest, even if we had we would have completely ignored it anyway!

It was one of those occasions where we just went all out! We were expecting our guests to travel a long distance to enjoy our day and in return they received a luxury meal (which they chose), a free cocktail bar and our wedding party were put up for the entire week at our venue. Along with us footing the cost for their outfits, tans, nails, make up etc.

I would never ever change anything about our day. It was by far the most perfect day for us, and mirrored everything about us as a couple.

I had dreamt about our wedding before James had even proposed, so everything had to be just so!

For that to happen I just threw money at everything.

I saved money by doing all of my own stationary, and centre pieces.

But I still spent nearly as much money as the deposit we put on our house last year!…Actually maybe more! Definitely more!

However, it doesn’t have to cost the earth to deliver a beautiful wedding!

And we live in a world where spending everything we have isn’t possible!

I love looking at a weddings and it seems many people are the same!


 I want to feature your wedding on my blog!

There are 2 rules to feature:

You’re final spend needs to have come in below £12,000 (without honeymoon)

And it must be beautiful (of course it was, it was a wedding!)

If you would like to feature in Budget Beautiful please drop me an email at Clare@sonssandandsauvignon.com and I will let you know what I need from you!

Wedding cake

I cannot wait to see some beautiful weddings on a budget!

I will also then complete a second blog post using your theme or colour scheme as inspiration to create a mood/inspiration board of ideas for others to achieve the same look on a similar budget!

Please, please get in touch, I cannot wait to hear from you!




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