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Welcome to this week’s Budget Beautiful inspiration post!

This is where I take the theme from the wedding I shared with you earlier in the week and give you some shots of inspiration, so you can achieve a similar look for a similar kind of budget!



Apologies for the late post this week! Migraines, Sleepless children & a blog disaster have put a big hold on any blog work! But we are back in business now!

This week I shared the lovely Kati’s striking blue and orange colour scheme, And what a gorgeous colour combination it was!

It got me thinking about colours.

It is so easy when planning your wedding to stick to traditional colour combinations such as pink and white, or pastel colours that are all give off a traditional, romantic, soft feeling to a wedding. But every now and again you see colours that look absolutely stunning together that really make a wedding stand out. So today I am going to explore some of those combinations and give you a few slices of inspiration on how these colours can look together.

Striking Colours

It only feels right to start with Kati’s colour combination!


Blue & Orange

As you saw from Kati’s wedding on Monday. This colour combination is just gorgeous. And with lots of white breaking up the colours, it doesn’t need to be ‘in your face’. You can also combine these colours but use different shades. For the purpose of this piece I have used bright orange and blue to tie in with Kati’s colours however, burnt orange looks amazing with navy blue and an aqua or light blue looks absolutely stunning with a coral shade. There are also so many DIY opportunities here. Blue bottles with flowers from a flower market could literally save you hundreds of pounds. Buying a simple white tiered cake (which you can now buy from most supermarkets) and decorating it with ribbon and flowers will look just as stunning as a cake that could cost you a lot of money. Gerbera Daisy’s are also a very affordable flower. So you could keep costs low using a gorgeous flower that is fit for a stunning wedding. Wedding stationery can be designed at home using blue and orange fonts on white card. Simple but gorgeous.

Blue & Orange Wedding Inspiration

Black & Gold

Black isn’t a colour used that much in weddings in the UK, but it can create an incredibly dramatic look that just oozes glamour. Matched with gold (or even silver) you can create a wedding that looks like it has cost thousands. But it doesn’t have to. Personally I think when it comes to planning a wedding, along with actually planning the event, you want to create a feeling. Create an atmosphere. And these colours together do that immediately. This colour scheme would look amazing decorating a nice romantic restaurant with soft lighting. Taking away the costs involved in a big dramatic venue. And once again DIY is the key to saving money with this colour scheme. You could also add a theme to this colour scheme. Think 1920’s, Hollywood,  or Black Tie. For me this is a perfect autumn/winter colour scheme but could look just as beautiful in the summer, in a lovely garden setting. With lots of candles adding to the atmosphere.

Black & Gold

Turquoise & Red

I stumbled across this colour combination whilst researching for the post and i love it! Like the blue and orange, I think it needs white to break it up a little but it is gorgeous all the same. This colour combination would look amazing with a 1950’s or beach theme too! After having turquoise myself, I can truly say it is a colour that will suit all of your bridesmaids too, regardless of skin tone and hair colour! I think the key to a busy colour scheme like this is to keep everything simple. Which works wonders for your budget! I love the painted mason jars below with simple white flowers. And what a gorgeous sweet table! All of these things can be done yourself, at home. You don’t even need to be that creative.

Red & Turquoise

Yellow & Grey

Yellow & Grey are bang on trend at the moment, especially when it comes to homes and interiors. So why not for a wedding too? Any shade of these colours will work but personally i prefer the lighter, softer shades. The benefit of having a colour scheme that is ‘on trend’ is that you can find items to decorate your venue literally everywhere. As soon as you step into a shop that does things specifically for weddings, the price is bumped up! So being able to stay away from those places can only help the budget surely! Everything can be kept simple with this colour scheme. And it will still look amazing. Think glass jars filled with lemons and finished off with a grey ribbon for your centre pieces. Just imagine how little that would cost? I have to say I am also a little bit in love with the chevron details below too!

Yellow and grey wedding colours

White on White

There are plenty of brides out there that don’t want anything fussy at all. And there is no colour combination crisper and cleaner that white on white! This colour combination isn’t for everyone but I think it is utterly beautiful. If you wanted to add just a touch of colour then the obvious choice would be green, as you will have that already with the flowers stems in your bouquet. For some people the idea of having your best girls in white would be a big no no, but personally I wouldn’t see this as a problem, just as long as their dresses are very different to yours. The benefit of this colour combination? You can buy white things EVERYWHERE! Again keeping you away from specialist suppliers. The DIY centre piece below (bottom middle picture) is just gorgeous and would only cost a few pounds to recreate. You wouldn’t necessarily need the help of a florist to help create it either!

White on White

So there we have it. Some striking colour combinations that will make your wedding stand out. Some others that caught my eye as I was researching was copper & pink, pink and orange and ‘peacock’ (blue & green).

Kati, thank you once again for letting me share your day!

Did you choose any of these combinations for your big day? I would love to see some pictures! Please feel free to share them with me on my Facebook page.

I now have the Budget Beautiful series over on Pinterest too! Please come and have a nosey! There you will find my posts plus loads more inspiration!

See you next week for a rustic theme, with a pink & white colour scheme!


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