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Welcome to this week’s Budget Beautiful inspiration post!

This is where I take the theme from the wedding I shared with you earlier in the week and give you some shots of inspiration, so you can achieve a similar look for a similar kind of budget!



Apologies for the late post again this week! It has been a super busy week, with lots of family visiting, which hasn’t allowed me much laptop time. Must. Do. Better!

This week I shared the gorgeous Natalie’s pink & white rustic theme. And it was simply beautiful!

Today I am going on a DIY trail.

A Rustic DIY Dream

When it comes to a rustic theme. I think DIY can fit in perfectly. You don’t have to be incredibly crafty to pull it off! With this theme, it doesn’t matter if every single centre piece is perfect and identical. Give it a go! You may surprise yourself. I certainly did!

So what can you DIY without your wedding looking ‘amateur’?

Well the simple answer is; pretty much everything. But here are just a few ideas!


Many brides choose to create their own wedding stationery these days. And it can be so much cheaper if you are careful. When I say DIY I don’t mean using a printing website. (although there are some fab ones out there such as Vistaprint ) I mean doing the whole thing yourself.

I, personally chose this option, but I went a bit crazy and probably ended up spending more than I would have done getting someone to do them for me. Which is totally missing the point, but I loved creating mine. I will show you on a future post I have lined up. But for now here are some stationery ideas you could easily create at home yourself.

DIY Rustic Stationery


Generally, if you are going for a cost effective venue, the likelihood is you are going to need to source your own centrepieces for your tables. With a rustic theme, there is no need for extravagant pieces that cost a bomb. Think candles, jars, lace, wood and burlap! And maybe a few flowers (which I will talk more about below!)

DIY Rustic Centrepieces


Personally I find you are either a flower person, or you’re not. I love flowers, but I didn’t want to spend a large bulk of my budget on them. I simply had bouquets, buttonholes and a couple of decorations for the ceremony. Many brides however can only imagine their venue being littered with beautiful blooms. Again, with the rustic theme you do not have to spends thousands on hundreds of Roses or Lillies. There is one particular flower I love, that goes with this theme perfectly. Commonly known as Baby’s Breath. Its botanical name is Gypsophila. And it is gorgeous! Generally this flower is used to bulk out bouquets so is definitely in the affordable bracket too. After a little search, the cheapest I found was 53p per stem at a flower market. With this particular supplier (Triangle Nursery) they are sold in bunches of 25 stems. So each bouquet would cost you £13.25. Here are just a few idea’s of what you could do with this gorgeous flower.

DIY Rustic Flowers


The above categories will no doubt fill most venues with gorgeousness however if you have a large venue to decorate, here are a few more ideas of ways you can turn a blank canvas into an amazing rustic filled dream. And by doing it all yourself! Saving you tonnes of precious pounds!

Rustic Decorations

All the above pictures have come from Pinterest. I have pinned them all to my Budget Beautiful Inspiration Board, so original websites are credited.

So there we have it, DIY inspiration for a rustic loving bride. As you can see, there is a theme running through all of the above pictures. Using natural colours and materials, you can create some beautiful things.

Natalie, thank you once again for letting me share your day!

I would love to see some of the things you did yourself for your wedding! Please come share them with me on my Facebook page!

I now have the Budget Beautiful series over on Pinterest too! Please come and have a nosey! There you will find my posts plus loads more inspiration!

See you next week for a little bit of beach! My favourite kind of theme (not at all because it was my own theme! )

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