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Welcome to this week’s Budget Beautiful inspiration post!

This is where I take the theme from the wedding I shared with you earlier in the week and give you some shots of inspiration, so you can achieve a similar look for a similar kind of budget!




On Monday I brought you the gorgeous Aimee’s December wedding. Which was low key, but beautiful!!! If you missed it, here it is! As Aimee got married in December she decided to add a little hint of Christmas to her big day. Whilst Aimee’s theme was very subtle, I am afraid subtlety isn’t a strong point for me!

Today I will be giving you some idea’s on how you can add a Christmas theme to your wedding (or any other party you may be throwing) without it breaking that all important budget!

And oh my gosh am I excited about this one?!

I am seriously going to have to control myself a little bit before I spend 7 hours on Google Images & Pinterest (each!)

Christmas inspiration

When you think about Christmas themes. The possibilities are endless. You can go subtle and classy or plain old excitable child! Gone are the days when Christmas is just about red, green & gold. There are no rules anymore. Just look at people’s houses around the Christmas period. You have traditional, rustic, modern, classy, elegant, colourful.

There is literally no right or wrong!

The luxury of having a Christmas wedding is the shops are jam packed with items you could use. Meaning you can also keep well away from the specialist wedding shops.

The Colours

You could incorporate pretty much any colour you choose into a Christmas themed wedding. But for me, there are three obvious ‘looks’ to go for when choosing your colour scheme.

christmas inspiration

I love this look! Think snowy, icy, cold, elegant. Blues, greys, silvers, warmed up with deep blues and purples. Think icicles, glitter, fairy lights and crisp white! For me, the ultimate modern day Christmas décor.

christmas inspiration

You cant do a Christmas inspiration piece without including the traditional colours. If you want to go all out ‘IT’SSSS CHRISTMASSSS!’ Then the traditional look is for you. Think red, green & gold. Think candy canes, brightly decorated Christmas tree’s, Santa hats (although Aimee did the Santa hat bit perfectly!), toys, crackers, songs. The works!

christmas inspiration

And what has to be my ultimate favourite Christmas décor (and will heavily feature in the ‘details’ section of this post) The rustic, natural, just oh so gorgeous colour scheme! Think cinnamon and orange, pinecones, berries, log fires. Deep creams, greens and reds, natural wood. Just YES!!!

The Clothes

The high street is FULL of evening/party dresses from September onwards, in preparation for the Christmas party season, so you are guaranteed to pick up some lovely dresses literally anywhere! Why not make a day of it with your best girls?! A day bridesmaid shopping, throw in some lunch (wine optional essential). And you are bound to pick up some gorgeous dresses at a fraction of the typical ‘bridesmaid dress’ price.

bridemsaid dresses

All of the above dresses would suit a Christmas theme which is heading towards the snowy/icy look. However they are available in other colours too.

From left to right:

This light grey dress is from Debenhams, and is currently on sale for £23.50! As it is in the sale, the available sizes are extremely limited at the moment. However it goes to show, if you have the time to plan ahead, it is a good idea to keep an eye out for bargains. This dress would be perfect in the winter. Especially if you added a pretty shawl or bolero.

This pale blue dress is from New Look for a bargain £28! It also comes in a pale pink and coral. This type of dress is perfect if you want all your maids in the same dress as it would suit a variety of shapes.

I love dark, rich colours at Christmas, and this navy dress is perfect. Again, you may want to add a shawl or bolero to keep those all important ladies warm during the photographs. This dress is from ASOS and costs just £40.

You can pick up bolero’s and shawls everywhere these days. But have a look at Amazon. This one below is just £7.99! There are plenty more to look at too at various prices.


The Stationery

Aimee decided to get her stationery through Vista Print. And her invitations were beautiful! Along with cute little envelope stickers.

I would actually say going through Vista Print is by far cheaper than DIY invitations. But that all depends how clever you are with your spending. If you are a crafty person anyway and have plenty of tools at home already, all you will need is the correct coloured card, and a loaded up printer. But if it is your first time having a go at anything crafty, and you want to add some personalised details it can get expensive quite quickly.

Vista print are currently running an offer to save up to 25% on wedding stationery. So at the time of writing it would cost you £30.91 to purchase 50 copies of something like this.


I put this together incredibly quickly. But Vista Print can work with you every step of the way to help you achieve the exact look you are after.

They really are worth looking at!

The Details

Personally, I think a Christmas theme wedding is a creative persons dream!

If you are even remotely crafty you can create some of the most magical centrepieces.

Here are some of my favourites I have found across the internet!

centrepiece inspiration

All of the above items are incredibly easy to achieve yourself. Search for glass jars, glasses and candle holders on Ebay or in your local charity shops and at car boot sales. The beauty is, it doesn’t have to match! Candles, Baubles, Pine cones, Holly, glitter, beads. They can all be picked up for pennies in the right places!

Keep it simple, and don’t make it too fussy. That way you will keep the elegance.


Are you having a table plan?

Then think about inexpensive ways of creating a place card. Of course you could just print the name on a card, but what about something like this…?

christmas inspiration

Just as cheap, but ten times more gorgeous! And what’s even better is, they double up as favours!

Why spend a fortune on flowers that are going to last a week?

Aimee had a brilliant idea for her bridesmaids bouquets. And I love it!  Instead of flowers her bridesmaids carried a bouquet of mistletoe! Each bunch cost her 99p!  And I am sure plenty of fun can be created from them during the reception too!

christmas inspiration


So that is all I have for you this week… Well, I could really go on forever but I must stop somewhere!

There really is no end to what you could do to create the most stunning wedding and reception using a Christmas theme!

It really is such a stunning theme.

I hope this week’s post has inspired you in some way or helped in your planning.

Thank you again, Aimee for allowing me to share your beautiful wedding!

Was your wedding Christmas themed? I would love to see your photo’s! Come and share them with me on my Facebook page!

Sorting out my Pinterest page is getting higher on my to do list, so keep an eye out for all my inspiration pieces to be shown on there too!


See you next week for some inspiration on how to achieve a beautiful summer garden theme!



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