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Welcome to this weeks Budget Beautiful inspiration post!

This is where I take the theme or a detail from the wedding I shared with you earlier in the week and give you some shots of inspiration, so you can achieve a similar look for a similar kind of budget!



Last Monday we saw the gorgeous Sarah and her simply stunning Vintage Barn wedding. Sarah had to create her dream venue pretty much from scratch, as the barn she used was a complete blank canvas for her to decorate in any way she wished. So this week I thought it would be appropriate to explore wedding décor a bit more in depth. (albeit a little late thanks to poorly children!)

There are so many different places you could hold a wedding reception, from old rustic barn’s like Sarah chose to village halls, marquee’s and secluded gardens. All of these places will have no decoration to begin with, so it would be down to you to source these items for yourself. Something that could become extremely costly. All of the things I will show you are easy enough to re-create yourself as Sarah did, or will help inspire you for when you are getting in touch with wedding décor suppliers.

So here are my 20 wedding décor ideas for a plain venue.

20 wedding decor ideas for a plain venue




Bunting is so popular these days. People use it for everything. Decorating rooms, party venues and wedding venues! It is such a versatile decoration that can be used literally anywhere with a wall or ceiling. It can be made from a variety of different materials and created into an array of different shapes which inevitably create completely different looks. Make your own or source online. The possibilities are endless! Also fairly inexpensive (especially if you make your own) to decorate a large venue.

Wedding decor ideas

Pom Poms

You may have seen my tutorial on how to make these! I love them, Such a pretty decoration that cost as little as £1 per Pom Pom to make! And they look so beautiful hung from the ceiling with clear fishing wire! Definitely a hit with making a blank space look incredibly pretty!

Wedding decor ideas


Cheap, but oh so effective! Nakedly burning alone, or in jars, hanging from tree branches. You want to create an atmosphere? This is how to do it! Lots of venues have rules over candles though, so make sure you check with the venue owner first! But a garden wedding? Hell yeah!

Wedding Decor Ideas

Fairy Lights

For those venues that have strict rules on candles, this is your solution. Don’t you just love how your home looks through December when your tree is twinkling away? It creates the same feeling in a venue! Twinkly, pretty, loveliness!

Wedding decor ideas


I will admit I used to think balloons were a bit tacky at weddings (sorry!) But I am actually a complete balloon convert! Used the right way they can create such a gorgeous look.

Wedding decor ideas

Family photographs

I have heard of this before but I saw it for myself for the first time at one of my best friends weddings. She used an area of her venue to display old wedding photographs of family members past and present. It created such a nice focal point to what was quite a blank area. There were people looking and talking about them all evening. And such a lovely way to incorporate family members that are no longer with us.

wedding decor ideas

Sweet/Cheese buffet

These kind of things are becoming increasingly popular in the wedding industry. A buffet table is a great way to fill blank space but also a way to keep some of your food costs down. If you have kids at your wedding, they generally flit from this ‘station’ to the dance floor having a great time! Personally a cheese buffet would be my thing. Gorgeous cheeses and breads on pretty chopping boards. Rustic and yummy all at the same time!

Wedding Decor ideas


A bit like bunting, but can come in any shape, size or look you’re after! Tissue paper, Hessian, Lace, Worded, Tassels. The possibilities are endless! And the look? Beautiful!

Wedding Decor Ideas


This is something I have only seen recently, but I think the look is stunning! Hang umbrellas upside down from the ceiling and create a totally transformed venue! Just imagine how pretty this would look in a marquee or tipi!

wedding decor ideas

Vintage Pieces or bric-a-brac

Adding vintage pieces or general bric-a-brac can add a bit of personality to an otherwise boring venue. Just be careful not to overdo it as you won’t want your venue to look like a car boot sale. Delicate pieces located in different areas can tie a look together. And you can hunt down some brilliant pieces in charity shops, car boots, on eBay etc. for really low prices.

Wedding decor ideas

Create a photo booth area

Over the past few years photo booths continue to rise in popularity, why not make your own area for this? Choose part of your venue with fairly decent lighting, use a camera and tripod, wallpaper a sheet of wood for a back drop, add a table full of accessories and let your guests (and you!) get carried away taking some fun pictures. A space filler and some fantastic memories rolled into one!

Wedding decor ideas


For some, flowers are a must! Others not so much. But if flowers are your thing. They can completely change the look of your venue. But can also be a very expensive decoration. If flowers are for you, head to local flower markets or look online! And sometimes the flowers that you don’t originally think of can look just as stunning.

Wedding decor ideas


I love the idea of a ceiling full of lanterns. And they create such a pretty look. The image below has them all lit up which is fab, but they look just as lovely without lights. You can pick these up fairly cheaply and in an array of pretty colours too.

Wedding Decor Ideas

Pin wheels

Who doesn’t love a pin wheel? And so easy to make at home (tutorial coming soon!) but also not too expensive to buy! They look fab in any setting, especially an outdoor venue where they can be what they are supposed to be! Sarah used them, and they look fab!

Wedding Decor ideas

Decorated or Painted glass bottle and jars

Decorated bottles and jars can look lovely adorning fireplaces, window sills, bare shelves or even used as table centrepieces. Decorate them how you wish, add candles, battery powered fairy lights or a few flowers and they immediately brighten up a boring venue.

Wedding Decor ideas


Your venue have an ugly ceiling? Or is just bare and uninspiring? Then why not drape material from the centre of the room. Marquee companies generally include these in their packages but they can be a little pricey. Different coloured voile with or without the fairy lights as pictured below will make such a difference to your venue.

Wedding decor ideas


Sometimes venue can be a bit dark with just a few candles or fairy lights, why not hire some lighting too. There are some stunning lights on the market at the moment so they can also become a bit of a feature as well as serving an all important function.

Wedding Decor ideas

Hay Bales

I love the idea of hay bales decorating an outdoor venue. Certainly a cheaper alternative to hiring seating for all your guests. They go perfectly with a whole host of themes too.

Wedding Decor Ideas

Cushions & Blankets

Having a spring outdoor wedding? Well help your guests keep comfy and warm when the temperature drops a little, they look extra great teamed up with the hay bales mentioned above. Remember to include some normal seating too for any elderly or less mobile guests.

Wedding decor ideas

Homemade Signs

Homemade signs look fantastic dotted around a venue. No need for huge printing costs, a blackboard and chalk works just as well.. If your venue is a little remote too, why not have a sign further away from the venue, directing guests.

Wedding Decor Ideas


So hopefully that has inspired you on ways to decorate a plain or boring venue. You can really make it look just how you want it to. Is there anything you would add?

If you need more inspiration then check out my Pinterest boards, where you will find a load more ideas.

See you next week!



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