Budget beautiful #5 A striking blue & orange colour scheme

Welcome to this weeks Budget Beautiful.

A place to admire and inspire beautiful weddings on a budget of less than £12,000!

Budget Beautiful

So, how does Budget Beautiful work?

I have interviewed several gorgeous ladies (and men) who’s weddings have been beautiful but have been pulled off with some incredibly low budgets. And let me tell you now, the weddings I have seen so far…STUNNING!

Each interviewee has then supplied me with a selection of their photographs to include for your viewing pleasure!

We are sharing some of the tips and tricks each bride/groom have used to keep their weddings to an affordable budget.

Each interview will be posted on the blog on a Monday morning!

But it doesn’t end there…

On a Thursday I will then provide you lovely lot with a second post that includes inspiration/mood boards and ideas to inspire those looking to achieve a similar look for a similar budget!

This week I bring you the gorgeous Kati, and her striking blue & orange colour scheme. These two colours together are simply stunning! Kati writes the blog (F)unfashionable but is not actively updating at the moment. Her older content is still fab though! Go and have a look!

So welcome Kati!

Kati's wedding

Lets start at the beginning…

Tell us about the proposal?

  I didn’t know it was happening! We went to London (live in London now, but were living in Sheffield at the time, in 2011) for the weekend for my birthday. He was supposed to buying me a birthday present but wouldn’t take the bait whenever I said I liked something, and kept steering towards jewellery stands and shops. I was so far away from thinking this was even on the cards so I didn’t play along at all and made it really difficult…eventually he spelt it out in the following dialogue in Ernest Jones on Oxford Street just before the store shut on Sunday afternoon. Him: How about these rings? Me: Nah they look too much like engagement rings. Him: Ok, how about you can have anything you like if you agree to marry me. Me: OHHHH!
Kati Wedding
Did you have a set budget? If so, what made you choose that budget?
My mum had a big pension payout and told me there was £10k for me and £10k for my sister to use for a wedding or towards a house deposit. We talked about putting more into the pot but to us, , it felt like that should be a healthy amount to spend on getting married and if we had any further cash, we should be putting that towards our future
Kati's wedding
How long between proposal and wedding day? Was this due to saving the money?
A long time, March 2011, to June 2014. This was because Dave was at uni, he’d gone back as a mature student to study games software development. He was studying in Sheffield but we moved to London in 2012 for his placement year. Since we always knew he’d be going back for the final year in 2013-14 and I’d be staying in London for work, it didn’t make much sense to get married before that and then have to live apart.
Kati's wedding
What was your theme/colour scheme? And what made you choose it?
Ours was blue and orange. I like blue, he likes orange and we realised together, with a lot of white in between, it’s quite a striking colour combination, there was lots of Pinterest-pinning along the way!
Kati's wedding
Many magazines advise you to pick a couple of items which you do not want to compromise on, did you have any?
It was really important to have good photos, we knew we didn’t want to scrimp on those. We didn’t want anything to feel like it was cheap or  that we’d held back.
Kati's Wedding
What was the item you spent the most amount of money on?
Probably as above, the photographer, but that was only £1100 and for someone like Tracy, we consider that a bargain.
Kati's Wedding
What was the item you spent the least amount of money on?
Probably my dress – I wore my mum’s dress which my friend had to sew some extra fabric into to make it fit, that cost £35! The invites were also designed by Dave, so only cost us £25 to print!
Kati's wedding
Where did you pull in favours from friends and family? Were they offered or requested?
My friend Laurel offered to make me a dress but as I ended up going for my mum’s, Laurel altered it for me instead. My mum’s friends pulled together and helped with the bar and food service, and my mum’s colleague’s husband offered us ‘mates’ rates for his services as DJ,. My mother-in-law works at Tesco so she got us discount on some of the booze, and my friend who works at a brewery called two nights before and said “I’m an idiot, I forgot to ask, do you want any free beer?” so she brought an extra carload as well, which was the emergency supply!
Kati's Wedding
Was there any moment you had to really remind yourself you had a budget to stick to?
Not really, but it was daunting at the beginning when it seemed quite hard to get a venue for the money we had to spend. A lot of places were already well out of our price range. Once place said it was £1000 for the hire which seemed reasonable but then the catering was £9000 (and there was no choice of caterer) so that would have already been our whole budget.
Kati's Wedding
Once we found it though, it all made sense. The wedding ceremony and room hire at the town hall cost £1000 which included having some time for a little drinks reception (we brought the drinks along ourselves) on the balcony overlooking the twon (my hometown of Tenterden, Kent). The reception venue was £1500 for hire for the whole weekend which meant friends could stay there, so we could save them some cash too. The venue, Kench Hill is also a charity so it just felt more worthwhile spending the money with them
Kati's wedding
If you had one piece of advice for others trying to pull off a beautiful wedding on a budget, what would it be?
Don’t be afraid to call in as many favours as you can so you can free up the funds for what’s really important to you. Also: Waitrose do free glass hire!
Kati Wedding

So there we have the lovely Kati’s Blue & Orange colour scheme. What a striking colour combination. I love it!

Thank you again Kati for letting me share your stunning day!

Keep an eye out for Thursdays post where I will help inspire you to pull off a similar look for a similar cost!

Did you use this colour scheme? Come share your photo’s on my Facebook page (here) I would love to see them!


Coming next week: The gorgeous Natalie and her Rustic theme, with a baby pink & white colour scheme.


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