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Welcome to this weeks Budget Beautiful.

A place to admire and inspire beautiful weddings on a budget of less than £12,000!

Budget Beautiful

So, how does Budget Beautiful work?

I have interviewed several gorgeous ladies (and men) who’s weddings have been beautiful but have been pulled off with some incredibly low budgets. And let me tell you now, the weddings I have seen so far…STUNNING!

Each interviewee has then supplied me with a selection of their photographs to include for your viewing pleasure!

We are sharing some of the tips and tricks each bride/groom have used to keep their weddings to an affordable budget.

Each interview will be posted on the blog on a Monday morning!


This week I bring you the lovely Richard & Keighley. Richard blogs at the lovely 2 bottles of milk and a packet of nappies. A blog following Richard, Keighley and their 2 gorgeous little boys! Be sure to check out their craft posts! The Christmas frames are a favourite of mine! The answers below are given by his lovely wife Keighley.
Welcome both of you! It is a pleasure sharing your wedding.

So, tell us about the proposal?

Richard proposed to me in the middle of the night in the kitchen when I went to get a drink, we had only been together for a few months so we didn’t tell anybody until we got the ring a few months later.

budget beautiful

Did you have a set budget? If so, what made you choose that budget?

We didn’t have a set budget but we knew we didn’t have a lot to spend. Each month with whatever money we had left over we brought things we needed, we was also lucky that we had help from family.

budget beautiful

How long between proposal and wedding day? Was this due to saving the money?

18 months but we only spent 10/11 planning the wedding

Budget beautiful

 What was your theme/colour scheme? And what made you choose it?

Birds!! I love birds and bird cages the theme was All around that. Our centre pieces was birdcages filled with fake flowers (real flowers would have cost too much) when we got married it was not a common theme but it’s grown in popularity now.

budget beautiful

Many magazines advise you to pick a couple of items which you do not want to compromise on, did you have any?

Yes, my flowers and my dress. I was lucky my dad said he would pay for my dress and after the food it was the second most expensive lay out.

budget beautiful

What was the item you spent the most amount of money on?

Food and welcome drinks

budget beautiful

 What was the item you spent the least amount of money on?

There were so much we got for nearly nothing but the most outstanding were the Invites, my mum is very talented and made them for us.

budget beautiful

Where did you pull in favours from friends and family? Were they offered or requested?

So much! Luckily we both come from talented families. As mentioned my mum made our invites, our table settings and loads more. Richards mum made the cake and set up the room on the day of the wedding and Richards dad made us our LOVE light which took centre stage. On top of that my best mate Is a hair dresser so she did my hair, my sister in laws brother had just finished college and did our photos and Richards god father had a vintage camper van we used as our wedding car.

budget beautiful

Was there any moment you had to really remind yourself you had a budget to stick to?

Yes, we originally was going to have seat covers but nearer the time we were struggling with money so after a lot of talk about what we could cut the seat covers got the chop. Though luckily for us when we spoke to the florist who also was suppling the covers she took pity on us and let us have them for the non refundable deposit we had already paid.  

budget beautiful

If you had one piece of advice for others trying to pull off a beautiful wedding on a budget, what would it be?

Look around! Ebay isn’t always the cheapest even tho that’s the place you normally look when you think cheap… and haggle!  Sorry that’s two pieces

budget beautiful

budget beautiful

What a beautiful wedding! And all for an amazing £4000 (without dress) Keighley you looked stunning and I love how your special day was clearly filled with lots of love and laughter. Thank you for letting me share your beautiful day.

Well that is it for this week, and actually that is it for what has been an amazing series. I have had so much fun putting these posts together, but it is time for a bit of a rest and some new series’ for the new year! Thank you to each and every bride (and Richard) that have submitted their absolutely stunning wedding days! It is this series that has inspired me to go and do bigger and better things surrounding weddings so thank you!

There will be a couple of weddings featured throughout this year, as I have some lovely friends getting married who I know want to feature on the blog.

It’s been fun 🙂


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