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Welcome to this weeks Budget Beautiful.

A place to admire and inspire beautiful weddings on a budget of less than £12,000!

Budget Beautiful

So, how does Budget Beautiful work?

I have interviewed several gorgeous ladies (and men) who’s weddings have been beautiful but have been pulled off with some incredibly low budgets. And let me tell you now, the weddings I have seen so far…STUNNING!

Each interviewee has then supplied me with a selection of their photographs to include for your viewing pleasure!

We are sharing some of the tips and tricks each bride/groom have used to keep their weddings to an affordable budget.

Each interview will be posted on the blog on a Monday morning!

But it doesn’t end there…

On a Thursday I will then provide you lovely lot with a second post that includes inspiration/mood boards and ideas to inspire those looking to achieve a similar look for a similar budget!

I really hope you love the series as much as I do!

This week our wedding comes from the lovely Aimee, who is the founder of a fantastic website called Mum Amie

Mum Amie is a free meet-a-mum website that helps mums find other mums in the area they live for friendship, support and advice. We all know how lonely it can sometimes be being a mum, so if this website appeals to you, go and check it out!

So, Welcome Aimee

Lets start at the beginning…

Tell us about the proposal?

It was more of a discussion than a proposal – my husband and I don’t really do big, romantic gestures! 2012 had been an incredibly tough year for us as we lost our second daughter, Grace, when she was one day old in April. Over the summer we talked about how we would like to end the year with something positive and we decided to get married. We also decided that instead of a gift list, we would ask guests to donate money to the charity we were fundraising for in memory of Grace.


Did you have a set budget? If so, what made you choose that budget?

The budget was that it needed to cost as little as possible!


How long between proposal and wedding day? Was this due to saving the money?

We got engaged in August 2012 and married on the 22nd December 2012. This wasn’t because we wanted to save money but because we wanted a Christmas wedding and didn’t see the point in waiting an extra year. I knew I could arrange it all in time.

What was your theme/colour scheme? And what made you choose it?

I didn’t really have a colour scheme – I had 6 bridesmaids who all wore black dresses. It’s quite normal in America for bridesmaids to wear black and I liked the idea, plus it seemed to fit in well with a Christmas wedding. We did have a sort of Christmas theme going on too – my bridesmaids wore Santa hats and carried Mistletoe instead of flowers. Frank and I wanted it to be fun, light-hearted and a bit different to the average wedding.


We had the wedding reception at the restaurant where we had gone for our first ever date. We hired the whole restaurant for the evening and asked for as many candles as possible to be placed around the two rooms. They also had a beautiful Christmas tree which fitted in nicely.


Many magazines advise you to pick a couple of items which you do not want to compromise on, did you have any?

I wanted to have good photos and so wasn’t prepared to go without a professional photographer. However, I did a lot of research and found a photographer who charged £500 less than others were asking.


 What was the item you spent the most amount of money on?

The reception food and drink took up over half of the budget and was the biggest expense. Although we had a buffet (with no seating plan), the restaurant made really good food and it cost more than I had initially imagined.

Restaurant collage

What was the item you spent the least amount of money on?

Mistletoe instead of flower bouquets. They were 99p each! My bridesmaids dresses were on sale at ASOS and cost £30 each. I created the wedding invites on Vista Print and I was really happy with them.


Where did you pull in favours from friends and family? Were they offered or requested?

My friend is a wedding hairstylist and she offered to do my hair (I bought her a gift to say thank you as this saved me a lot of money). One of my bridesmaids is in a band so she offered her sound system instead of hiring a DJ. I made a playlist on my iPod and we played it on her professional speakers.


Was there any moment you had to really remind yourself you had a budget to stick to?

Not really – we didn’t want a huge, traditional wedding. Even if I had all the money in the world I still wouldn’t have wanted a wedding cake, sit down meal with seating plan, wedding car, long white dress with train, speeches etc Neither Frank or I like being the centre of attention, so we wanted to make it as laid-back and low-key as possible.


If you had one piece of advice for others trying to pull off a beautiful wedding on a budget, what would it be?

It is entirely possible to have a wedding day you love on a budget. If you’re willing to be creative and side-step some of the traditional aspects of a wedding you can do it. For example, our wedding ceremony was at 5pm (the latest time in the day you are legally allowed to get married). By the time we got to the restaurant and had some drinks, the food was served at about 7pm. This meant that we only had to serve food once instead of twice.

The most important thing is to make sure your wedding fits in with your personality. You don’t want to look back and have any regrets about your big day.

pretty shoes

family collage

So there we have the lovely Aimee’s beautiful December wedding!

Aimee’s story is incredibly heart warming! It proves that you don’t always have to do everything ‘by the book’ for it to be a beautiful day! Her and her husband wanted something to celebrate after a really tough year. Extravagant traditions wouldn’t be what made that happen, it was the marriage that mattered, not the details! Aimee & Frank managed to have the day of their dreams for just over £4000.

Aimee, a stunning wedding! Thank you!

Keep an eye out for Thursdays post where I will help inspire you to pull off a similar theme for a similar cost! ( And I am really excited about this one!!! It’s Christmassssss!!!)

Did you have a December wedding? Did you include a Christmas theme? Come share your photo’s on my Facebook page (here) I would love to see them!

Do you want to be involved with Budget Beautiful?

The rules are simple:

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  • It needs to have cost less than £12,000 (without honeymoon)

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Coming next week: Alice’s Summer Garden Theme!!!

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  • Alice

    A beautiful wedding, what a wonderful celebration even after a tough year. I love the idea to use vista print for invites, must suggest that to my sister for her wedding :p xx