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Welcome to this weeks Budget Beautiful.

A place to admire and inspire beautiful weddings on a budget of less than £12,000!

Budget Beautiful

So, how does Budget Beautiful work?

I have interviewed several gorgeous ladies (and men) who’s weddings have been beautiful but have been pulled off with some incredibly low budgets. And let me tell you now, the weddings I have seen so far…STUNNING!

Each interviewee has then supplied me with a selection of their photographs to include for your viewing pleasure!

We are sharing some of the tips and tricks each bride/groom have used to keep their weddings to an affordable budget.

Each interview will be posted on the blog on a Monday morning!

But it doesn’t end there…

Later in the week I will then provide you lovely lot with a second post that includes inspiration/mood boards and ideas to inspire those looking to achieve a similar look for a similar budget!

This week I bring you the gorgeous Mary and her beautiful Black, White & Fuchsia themed wedding. This wedding is lovely, and Mary (and hubs of course) put this all together for an amazing £2300!

Mary writes the blog The Hearty Life. A fantastic award nominated blog about parenting, lifestyle, and life after losing a baby. It is an incredibly heart-warming blog that follows Mary and her gorgeous family’s life in Yorkshire. Have a read, it really is a cracking blog!

So welcome Mary, it is lovely to have you!

black white and fuchsia wedding


Tell us about the proposal?
Nathan chose to propose to me in May of 2009, we had been dating for 5 whole months (friends for 5 years previous to this)! We had spoken of marriage and even tried on a few rings so I knew that it was on the horizon.

We went for a picnic on the beach not far from where I had grown up for most of my teenage life. I chilled and read a book whilst he was being awkward and digging this huge hole… he worried me when he asked if I would come over to take a look… I honestly thought he was going to push me in to it!!! Instead he asked me to sit down on the sand dune which was weird but I did. He then got down on both of his knees and spoke of how happy I made him, how his life was with me in it and asked if I would be his wife that he may have me forever…I of course said “YES” !!

black white and fuchsia wedding


Did you have a set budget? If so, what made you choose that budget?

No we didn’t, we had pretty much free reign on what we could have chosen for our wedding, but we didn’t feel the need for extravagance or a huge expense. We knew we would get married at our local church building, which was FREE along with use of the hall which we planned on sprucing up with some net and such for the reception and so that already cut out a huge cost that many people spend. I am also naturally a bargain hunter and as my parents had been able to only afford about £1500 towards it after recently having 2 other sisters weddings to pay for, I figured with some things from his parents and the few bits we would buy, no more than £3,000 would be needed for it.

black white and fuchsia wedding


How long between proposal and wedding day? Was this due to saving the money?

We had 5 months between the proposal and wedding day. We would have had an August wedding, but his brother was away and had already missed 2 family weddings, so we held off for a month so everyone could make it.

We are LDS (Mormons) and so in our church we tend to get wed pretty quick once you know its right!


black white and fuchsia wedding

What was your theme/colour scheme? And what made you choose it?

I wanted a funky wedding style to show off my personality and taste, but I also wanted a little streak of football in there for him and as a symbol of something from our dating months. It didn’t seem right to be all about me when it was OUR day.

I went with Black, white and Fuschia. I had a lot of feathers in there with a little bling, the invite pics looked a bit wag/footballer and the favours were chocolate footballs in pink organza bags. My bridesmaids wore Fuchsia dresses and I had a little black head piece over a veil to bring out the funky side of me.

black white and fuchsia wedding


Many magazines advise you to pick a couple of items which you do not want to compromise on, did you have any?

Yes my flowers and the cake! I realised early on that dresses and such never turn out how you have imagined or are always right for your body shape, and so that element of it required compromise. However, regards the flowers and cake/general decor, I knew I could have that exactly how I had imagined and hoped.

I choose big black vases with black leaves, feathers and pink flowers and then gerbera daisies on the tables. In my bouquet I had more feathers, pink and white roses and these small black berry things!

The cake was exactly how I hoped; lemon sponge with jam and cream (I hate fruit cake and wanted some zing) with white icing, 3 tier and black ribbons round each layer with a fun pink flower and black feathers on top.

black white and fuchsia

What was the item you spent the most amount of money on?

It was probably my wedding dress actually and even then it was only £200 from an outlet. My mother in law then added some sleeves to it to make it to the modest standard we wanted for our church wedding.  A couple of weeks before the wedding I actually saw an amazing lace dress completely different for £600 which I still regret never getting instead, I tried it on and it was lush, but I thought it would be wrong to buy another dress that close!

black white and fuchsia wedding

What was the item you spent the least amount of money on?

Probably the Bridesmaids dresses, they were on sale in a local shop for £5 each , couldnt even make them for that cheap.

black white and fuchsia wedding

Where did you pull in favours from friends and family? Were they offered or requested?
Oh man everywhere haha we both have big families that are very talented and so most things were able to be done on that level.

1. Hair and make up – A friend was at this point doing stage hair and make up at uni and so said she would do mine which was great.

2. Photography – At the time my older sister was making money being a wedding photographer, she offered us her services for FREE as a wedding gift .. as if we’d say “NO” haha

3. Music – All of my husband’s family are extremely talented and musical. For the service and my entrance/wedding party exit we had a string quartet, an organist and pianist .. all were his siblings and we asked them to involve them in the wedding, they were more than happy to perform and contibute.

4. Car – at my request my father in law drove me in his convertible Mercedes to the church and so again this wasn’t an expense.

5. Cake – My sister asked her friend who was an aspiring cake maker, if she would like to practice and bake our cake for us. Lucky for us she said she would and it only cost us £50 – BONUS!!

6. Flowers – My photography sister is a women of many talents, and previously worked in floristry. We bought the bulk of stuff from country Baskets (a wholesalers) and the fresh things the day before from the flower market, she then set to work and created some wonderful things.

black white and fuchsia wedding
Was there any moment you had to really remind yourself you had a budget to stick to?

No never, everything I wanted was on sale, a favour or just hunted for the best deal and I got it. It was all within budget.

black white a fuchsia wedding

If you had one piece of advice for others trying to pull off a beautiful wedding on a budget, what would it be?

Shop around and ask around. People love to help with weddings; aspiring bakers, photographers, dressmakers and so forth love an opportunity to shine and use their talents/build their business – give them a chance it will save TONNES!

Don’t go for the 1st thing you see, but rather look to see if it is cheaper elsewhere or if a friend or family member have a similar thing from their wedding you could borrow. Why buy 20 vases if your cousin has them sitting in her garage? Why splash out on bridesmaids dresses if a similar thing is on sale elsewhere?

black white and fuchsia wedding

Great advice, and a stunning wedding Mary! Thank you so much for letting me share it!

Yet another post to prove that weddings don’t have to cost a fortune to be everything you want and more!

As I am late publishing this post, due to having a nightmare week last week, this weeks scheduled wedding will be live tomorrow evening! In fact this week is going to be wedding central on the blog as I catch up on a whole load of wedding inspiration posts. So if you are in need of wedding inspiration, this is definitely the place to be this week! If you can’t wait that long, head over to my Pinterest page, where there is a whole host of inspiration for you.

black whit and fuchsia wedding

Coming Tomorrow: Laura and her gorgeous Purple colour scheme!

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