Budget Beautiful #13 A Vintage Barn Wedding

Welcome to this weeks Budget Beautiful.

A place to admire and inspire beautiful weddings on a budget of less than £12,000!

Budget Beautiful

So, how does Budget Beautiful work?

I have interviewed several gorgeous ladies (and men) who’s weddings have been beautiful but have been pulled off with some incredibly low budgets. And let me tell you now, the weddings I have seen so far…STUNNING!

Each interviewee has then supplied me with a selection of their photographs to include for your viewing pleasure!

We are sharing some of the tips and tricks each bride/groom have used to keep their weddings to an affordable budget.

Each interview will be posted on the blog on a Monday morning!

But it doesn’t end there…

Later in the week I will then provide you lovely lot with a second post that includes inspiration/mood boards and ideas to inspire those looking to achieve a similar look for a similar budget!

This week I bring you the gorgeous Sarah and her absolutely stunning vintage barn wedding. Sarah writes the blog Admissions of a working mother. A fantastic blog, following her life as a working mum to her little boy, Finley. Sarah has a fab series on mental health which is well worth a read! Her posts are straight talking and a little sweary but I think that sometimes makes a blogger more real!

When Sarah sent me the pictures through for her vintage themed wedding I pretty much squealed with excitement! She had completely ‘got’ what I am trying to produce with the series and her pictures were a complete reflection of her answers! I really cannot wait to share this gorgeous day with you!

Welcome Sarah!

So, tell us about the proposal?

Well it wasn’t a proposal in the traditional sense. We had been living together for 3 years and had been talking about getting married. Then in December we just decided to go for it and whilst Christmas shopping went into a jewellers and bought an engagement ring. We picked it together which was really nice. It had to go away and be re-sized so we didn’t tell anybody else. Then when it came back, my fiancé proposed to me in our living room and we told both of our families.

Vintage Barn Wedding

Did you have a set budget? If so, what made you choose that budget?

We didn’t have a set budget but we knew £10k was really the limit. We were lucky to have some money from both sets of parents otherwise we would never have managed it!

Vintage Barn Wedding

How long between proposal and wedding day? Was this due to saving the money?

It was a year and a half.

This amount of time definitely helped with saving the money, but we wanted a spring wedding and there was no way we could have organised it all in 6 months.

Vintage Barn Wedding

What was your theme/colour scheme? And what made you choose it?

We didn’t have a theme or colour in mind until we had picked the venue. Then it all kind of came together. The venue we chose was a barn in the Kentish countryside, so this lent itself to a vintage, rural theme with pastel colours.

The colour theme became green when we found my sister a lovely dress in House of Fraser. It was perfect for her, so we worked everything else around it.

Vintage Barn Wedding

Many magazines advise you to pick a couple of items which you do not want to compromise on, did you have any?

Oh yes I know, I had a monthly subscription to wedding ideas magazine!

I think the venue. We knew we wanted a really nice place to get married, somewhere beautiful. It was a lot of money for what was basically just a space, nothing else included. Other things we were happy to compromise on, like the DJ photographer and even my dress. But we loved the barn from the moment we first saw it and knew it was the place for us.

Vintage Barn Wedding

What was the item you spent the most amount of money on?

Definitely the food (and booze!). We knew early on that we wanted to create a really social atmosphere. So instead of starters we served canapé’s in the orchard as everyone arrived. This meant people were mingling, standing around talking and catching up with their bottle of Kentish cider and a mini Yorkshire pud or two! Then after the speeches we served dinner Hog Roast style, so people could have what they wanted and go up for seconds. We then had a selection of puddings which were our favourites- Banoffee Pie and Strawberries & Cream, Yum! In the evening we had a giant cheeseboard with different types of cheeses and breads, it was pretty awesome!

Vintage, Barn Wedding

What item did you spend the least amount of money on?

We saved money on my dress which was from Monsoon and cost £250, it was perfect for me. The DJ was an acquaintance of my sisters, so we got a little bit of discount and our photographer was up and coming so despite the excellent quality of his work, the prices were low. We just opted for pictures on a disc-no fancy photo books or prints, we did this later ourselves online

Vintage barn wedding

Where did you pull in favours from family and friends? Were they offered or requested?

We had so much help, thank goodness! My mother in law and Sister in law helped me make our invites, which saved a lot of money and looked pretty professional.

The venue was simply just the venue, so we had to hire in, make, dress everything. Our families took time off work leading up to the big day to help us decorate the barn, arrange furniture, put up gazebo’s-everything really. The day before, my poor mum was up ladders in the beams of the barn stringing hops she’d bagged for a bargain price online.

Vintage barn wedding

Was there any moment you had to really remind yourself you had a budget to stick to?

Yes, with the table flowers. I almost got a bit carried away but I saw the light in the end. My idea was to have all different vintage pitcher jugs as the table centres filled with garden flowers. So I picked up lots of the jugs second hand from EBay or charity shops which was great, but with the particular flowers I wanted, the prices were ridiculous! In the end I chose less fashionable flowers like daisies and each bunch only cost £10, plus the £5-£10 I spent on the jugs equalled retty gorgeous and cheap table decorations.


If you had one piece of advice for others trying to pull off a beautiful wedding on a budget, what would it be?

I would say make a lot of things yourself. I saved a lot of money by making the table plan, the favours, the place names etc. and I also really enjoyed doing it. My sister is getting married next year and we are about to start making their invitations. She has a great simple idea that we can easily do whilst saving them a couple of hundred pounds! It’s a great idea as well, especially if you are having a vintage/shabby chic theme to buy second hand. EBay is great for this, charity shops and car boots as well!

Vintage Barn Wedding


Vintage Barn Wedding

So there we are a gorgeous vintage barn wedding to inspire you! That right there proves you don’t have to spend loads to achieve something stunning!

Thank you Sarah for letting me share your stunning day!

If you want more wedding inspiration I have lots of inspiration boards over on Pinterest so please do come and take a look!

I have also just launched a new DIY wedding tutorials series. Check out the first in the series here


Coming next week: Sarah and her pretty pink & grey English wedding.



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