New Year, New Goals. Big Goals! 6

For me the start of a New Year is the perfect opportunity to set yourself goals and targets for the things you want to achieve throughout the year. I don’t like to use the word ‘Resolution’ so ‘Goal’ is the perfect alternative. Not only is there no pressure on a ‘start date’. It also allows you an entire year to achieve them.

After looking back over my goals and bucket list for 2016 I realised I had achieved less than 50%. Not great going. It made me really look at what I want out of this year. I started writing down my goals and realised I needed to go bigger! I want 2017 to be great. The best year yet. Average, mundane goals are not going to get me there. So it was time to set Big Goals! Goals that take me well out of my comfort zone and make me push for a bigger, better and brighter future.

New Year, New Goals. Big Goals!

2016 was a really rubbish year for us as a family. Financially, mentally and emotionally it was tough. Real tough. There were highlights, but they were few and far between. This is the driving force behind my goals for 2017 and it feels now is the right time to make some massive changes. Change that will enhance everything around our family life. The main changes sit with my own personal goals. Achieving these things will help me improve each of the other areas.

I have split my goals into 3 sections. Personal Goals, Family Life & Work Life. I then split my work life category into more detail to cover this blog, Confetti Ave & my new business. Many of these are financial goals so I wont go into too much detail there but I thought I would share my main goals with you. It will allow me chance to review throughout the year, and continue making new promises to myself as time progresses.

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Personal Goals

  • Stop smoking.
  • Complete Dry January – and reduce weekly alcohol intake throughout the year.
  • Learn To Drive.
  • Pay off 50% of our debt.
  • Re-Decorate entire Upstairs (including swapping around rooms).

Family Life

  • Have 1 family day out per week.
  • Book a holiday abroad for 2018.
  • Read 1 book every evening with the boys.
  • Visit 10 new places.

Work Life

  • Earn enough to allow me to choose working from home full time by the end of the year.
  • Find a solid balance between employment and self employment by being disciplined and motivated.
  • Take one FULL day off per week to spend with the boys.
  • Sign up to 2 blogging related courses
  • Go full throttle with my NWM Business. I CAN do this!
  • Take 2 blogging holidays to coincide with annual leave from work. Complete R&R

So there are my Big Goals for 2017. They may seem small to some but some of these goals are huge for me. I have smoked for 16 years, I have worked around alcohol for years creating a very unhealthy ‘pastime’, and have chased my tail financially for the past 3 years. All of these things have affected family life and stopped us making memories and having adventures. Well 2017 is the year for CHANGE and I am actually really excited to see what happens!

Have you set big goals for 2017? I’d love to hear them! And Good Luck!


new year, new goals. Big goals

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