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Since learning Hayden may have autism and throughout the early part of his diagnosis journey, a lot of the time I felt quite alone in what I was going through. I didn’t want to research too much as I couldn’t process it all and I felt very much like even though there was an autism community out there, they kept themselves to themselves. How wrong could I have been?

Since I started blogging I have discovered a wonderful SEND community that are always there to offer support, guidance and to be a sounding board should you need one. I have also discovered many blogs that have helped me understand and appreciate everything my son presents me with. And the best part, is I no longer feel alone.

autism parent

After following several ASD related blogs I see more and more memes online about what it is like to be an autism parent. You know the ones I mean…

autism parent

autism parent

autism parent

I thought I would ask the question to some lovely parents I have met through blogging about what their following sentence would be, and they came through as always! So today I am sharing what some of the amazing autism parents think! These are fab bloggers that regularly link up to my #spectrumsunday linky! You should really check out their blogs! They are such a lovely bunch.

You know you an autism parent when…

Ann from Rainbows are too beautiful says:

“You use now and next when arranging things with friends”

Rachel from Dragonriko and Parenting the PDA way says:

“You’re so used to saying ‘stop licking the wall’ you say it in your sleep”

“You have to stand in front of doors and entrances to play areas to make sure your kids don’t do a runner”

“You have to avoid the toothpaste aisle because your kid will have a meltdown if you don’t buy him yet another toothbrush, even though he’s already got five.”

Katie says:

“You plan for 20 different outcomes but it is still not the one that happens”

“You do a big shop and your child has a meltdown as there’s nothing in! (it’s just happened!)”

Anne from Raisie Bay says:

“You can’t have a night out because there will never be a babysitter that will ‘get’ the entire bedtime routine.”

Helen from Life with ASD and the rest says:

“You insist on a quiet zone during the street party planning”

“You start plotting your friends and partners on the spectrum”

“When you have sorting boxes for your Lego, so it can be organised by colour and/or shape”

Lucie from Our world and Autism says:

“You need to run for cover when the internet is down as YouTube can’t be accessed!”

Miriam from Faith Mummy says:

“You are still reading the same bedtime story two years later!!”

“You see your son has subscribed to a channel on you tube that is all about lift doors!!!”

“Your house is full of lines of toys and you daren’t touch a single toy!!”

Lynne from A Blog about raising my autistic son says:

“You have to teach your child how to look like they are sorry when they are being told off by a teacher/other relative (sad one!)”

“You spend hours, even days hunting the internet for a plastic model of a Plesiosaur because that is all your son wants for Christmas

“Your entire family role plays where to pee in a public urinal just so that you son can get it right now that he is too old to into the ladies with you”

And a couple from me!

“At the start of the day you know you are going to watch Winnie The Pooh, Toy Story 2, Planes, Turbo in that order on a loop until your son has fallen asleep that night. Often playing to an empty room.”

“You know you can’t take a short cut to the beach because that’s not the way we walked last time”

“Your sons clean washing pile consists of school uniform, pyjamas and nothing else”

Do you relate to any of these statements or do you have any of your own to add?

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