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My family, lifestyle & wedding blog.

I’m Clare, a 30 year old, stay at home mum to three little boys, Hayden, a 5 year old bundle of energy, Ellis, a 3 year old non-stop talker, & Kinley, a ten month old baby wipe obsessed smiler. And wife to James, a 30 something year old music & football lover.


I started my blogging journey back in February 2015, with another blog called Little Monkey Hut. A place to document the highs and lows of the autism diagnosis journey we found ourselves on with my oldest boy, Hayden. Whilst sharing our story, I realised just how much I enjoyed writing. I was a lover of English at school, but have never really written anything apart from a couple of business plans and a CV since.




After a tough few months adjusting to stay at home life, all of a sudden I felt motivated and inspired again. I had fallen head over heels in love with blogging, but wanted to share more than just our diagnosis journey. I wanted to talk about me, my family and everything in between.

So in May 2015 I created Sons, Sand & Sauvignon. A parenting blog that would sit nicely alongside Little Monkey Hut.

But very quickly i realised it was too much. Keeping up with 2 blogs was tough. I felt like I was completely abandoning Little Monkey Hut, and Hayden never got a mention here. So I made the hard decision to combine the 2 blogs and just talk about everything here.


And it was definitely the right decision.Budget Beautiful

I do get bored easily though, so after creating a pretty successful wedding series (Budget Beautiful) I decided I was ready to do something I have wanted to do for the past 5 years, but never had the courage to leave my career as a pub/restaurant manager to pursue. Well as I am now a stay at home mum, I can spend some time building up a portfolio ready to launch a wedding planning/design business in the next few years. And where better to do that, than in my little corner of the internet?

So here at Sons, Sand & Sauvignon you will be able to read about a little bit of everything. Parenting, Autism, Lifestyle, Weddings and I have some fantastic tutorials and printable’s for you too!



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Whatever has brought you to my little blog, I really hope you enjoy what you read as much as I enjoy writing, creating and designing. If you want to get in touch or would like to hire my services please don’t hesitate to send me a little message through my contact me page or email me at Clare@sonssandandsauvignon.com.