A letter to my baby boy 6

Dear Kinley

My gorgeous baby boy!

At the time of writing this letter you have just turned 7 months old (yesterday!). And wow that time has passed so quickly!

You are definitely finding your place (and voice) in this loud, chaotic family you have been born into.

And I could not be prouder of you already.

As me and daddy have made sure there are no more babies you are definitely my baby boy, for now, and forever. Something you will both love and hate in equal measures.

Your first tooth cut through last week. And whilst its amazing and lovely to see, I am sad. Sad that, that toothless grin is now gone forever! My favourite type of grin!

You are such a happy boy, full of smiles and love for me, your daddy and your big brothers.


I am sorry Ellis freaks out every time I put you near him. That won’t last.

I am sorry Hayden sits on you. That will never change.

I am sorry Koko tries to lick your face when you have finished your lunch. She will soon try to sit under your highchair, catching everything you toss aside. And I am almost certain you will throw her things on purpose before long.

The main reason for writing you this letter is, I want to thank you! You are the reason for so many things. So many positive changes we made to our family life.

Kinley, you will never, ever understand how much you changed me! I don’t love you any more or any less than your brothers but I cant help but be so thankful you joined our family when you did. You were the reason we bought a house, you are the reason mummy decided enough was enough and it was time to push that career way out of the window! And I am so glad I did! Seeing you and your big brothers grow up is something I need to cherish forever! And something I wish I had realised a whole lot sooner! Because of some issues we have had with your brothers, there are sometimes a feeling of failure when it comes to my parenting capability, but you are my chance to rectify my mistakes, reassess my priorities and prove to myself that I actually am what I am told regularly by others; that I am a bloody great mum! Don’t get me wrong little boy, it doesn’t mean I am going to start forcing you into baby groups, and expecting you to start talking at 9 months old. But I am going to try and make sure by the time you reach the stage your big brother Hayden is at now; starting school. That you are confident, clever, independent, talkative, and funny but at the same time still be all the things a 4/5 year old should be. Innocent, naïve, unassuming, excitable, stroppy, accepting and damn well cute!

If something happens and you aren’t all those things, it doesn’t matter. I have no expectation. I have no doubt that you (along with your brothers) will turn out to be an amazing young man and we will all continue to grow and learn together. But you, my little monkey have the luxury of mummy time! And lot’s of it! Something your brothers didn’t have. Make the most of that baby boy! One day you will love the fact you had all that time! And I am sure you will want the same for your children in the future (way, way, way in the future!!!)


I cannot wait to watch you grow and learn.

But just know one thing, your mummy is and always will be your biggest fan!


I love you!

Love Mummy



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6 thoughts on “A letter to my baby boy

  • Cat

    So lovely. I try and write to my kids too, I just feel I can never express to them how important they are. Since my daughter birth I aim to write them a letter every birthday, summing up our year, telling them how they have changed, what they have achieved, who they have met etc etc. I so hope I can keep it up for the next 18 years!

    Lovely post,



    • Sons, Sand & Sauvignon Post author

      Thank you lovely! ?I really liked writing it, and I have scheduled in birthday posts for the other 2 at the end of summer (scheduled titles-for a change lol!) I think it’s a really lovely thing to do. With Kinley getting big so quick, I have realised just how much I have forgotten about the other 2 monkeys. So hopefully writing to them will allow us the details that we sometimes forget! xx

  • Natasha

    Gorgeous. Gorgeous boy, gorgeous you. What a lovely letter. We are on our last too. And now she’s walking! I early had a breakdown, crawling days are gone, forever, and I can’t believe it! You are an amazing mummy and never ever a failure,, we had issues too as you know and I was at home all the time!

    Your boys will love reading this when they grow up, and see how wonderful you were even in the baby days xxx

    • Sons, Sand & Sauvignon Post author

      Thanks beautiful! It’s just so sad knowing that its the last time (until grandkids-aghhh!) that you will experience that tiny baby! 🙁 And possibly the realisation you will soon have another to run around after! 🙂 xx