9 Years… 4

Wow! 9 Years…

9 Years

9 Years

On this day 9 years ago, James and I decided to officially become boyfriend and girlfriend.

9 Years, 1 Wedding, 3 Children, 10 Holidays, 5 House moves, 1 mortgage & 1 Autism Diagnosis later and here we are.

Our past 9 years have been full of highs and lows, laughter and tears and I couldn’t wish to share all those moments with anyone else. The exciting times, the fun times, the mundane times and the down right stressful times.

I knew you were for keeps right from the start but our first anniversary showed just how far you would go to make me happy. You took me to see High School Musical Live (Yes, I was a bit obsessed) before we travelled to your sisters wedding the following morning. We enjoyed Mojitos in a bar in Waterloo. We spent the evening laughing, joking, randomly talking to strangers. And just enjoying each others company.

Our whole life since has been much the same. So many adventures. Some just you and I, some with our gorgeous monkey’s.

The places we have been

We have been to some amazing places over the years. From our first holiday together to Zante, to our Honeymoon in Aruba. Our first holiday as a family of three to your parents home in Canada. Weekend trips to the coast, and a fantastic weekend in Disneyland Paris. Hundreds or memories made and shared. And of course our week in Cornwall for what was the happiest and most beautiful day of my life.

9 years

The gigs we have seen

Music was one of the things that brought us close quickly. Our love of live music has played a huge part of our life. From our first gig to Stereophonics, a couple of weekends at V Festival and some of the most memorable gigs of our life. Coldplay, Elbow and more. The small intimate gigs in London such as Spector, Reverend and the Makers & Friendly Fires (although that was Norwich not London).

Meeting Reverend and the makers, a funny incident with Ricky from the Kaiser Chiefs lay firmly in my mind as amazing moments I have shared with you.

9 years

Living the dream

I would be lying if I said every single moment is a dream. We are married. Marriage takes work. We have our moments like any other couple. But I wouldn’t want those moments with anyone else.

In a lot of ways I am living the dream though. I am married to a man that has spent the past 9 years putting me first. My career needs, my mental health, my fiery temper and everything in between. You have been the man to pick up the pieces, dust us off and get us back on track. You have been stay at home dad, work a bit dad, and the main breadwinner. You continue to strive in your career so we can give our beautiful boys everything they deserve and more.

We have made mistakes, we have hurt each other and we have cried for each other. But we have laughed, we have cuddled, we have kept promises and we have loved. Every second of every day.

9 years

James you really are the best thing that could have happened to me. On this day 9 years ago you filled me with butterflies. On this day, those butterflies continue to flutter deep in the pit of my tummy.

James, I really do love you.

Here’s to the next 9 years…

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