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Well it’s no secret I am partial to a glass of wine or two! I mean, it even had to feature in my blog name! I like nothing more than a cold glass of wine at the end of a parenting three boys under 5 day. But recently I have noticed a pattern to each bottle of wine that sits in my fridge. So thought I would share the 5 stages of a bottle of wine.

5 stages of a bottle of wine

The longing

What time the longing starts all depends on how the day is going. Usually by about 4pm I cannot wait to start the bedtime routine so I can crack open that bottle. But there have also been occasions where me and my best friend have been snap chatting at lunch time asking if it is too early for wine. The answer is always the same no matter what time the snaps start. It’s never too early for wine! (Unless it’s before midday-then it’s too early for wine!)

The first glass

You know that feeling when you take your bra off, or get into a bed with freshly cleaned bed sheets? Yep. That feeling right there! You sip slowly and enjoy the relaxation running through your veins! The kids are asleep (or possibly still causing a riot in the living room!) and everything is well with the world again.

The I haven’t got enough

The second glass always goes down easier than the first. And as you reach for another glass (I drink small glasses of wine as I like it cold, I get about 7 glasses out of a bottle) you think, damn this bottle isn’t going to be enough. Cue frantic text to husband to bring wine on his way home from work. If you’re lucky he isn’t on a late finish, waiting until midnight for wine is a little extreme. But yes, I have done it. More than once!

The About half way through

By half way through, you’re one of two people; you have either slowed right down or you just keep topping up. I am a top up kind of person. By now, I am totally relaxed, incredibly chatty and sometimes, depending how quickly I have got to this stage, a little giddy. This is the stage where I like to put the world to rights! And if I am blogging, usually when my fingers are tapping away the quickest.

The damn I drank too much

Everyone has a ‘point’. The point where they realise they are close to the limit. In my younger days I only ever knew I’d reached that point when I was way beyond it, the days where I left handbags in clubs, fell asleep on speakers, or lost my shoes in a taxi. But now I am a bit more wise to when I am hitting that point. And as a mother of three under 5 that point is definitely turning into an all day hangover with the naughtiest children known to man. A point we all need to avoid!!!

Would you add any stages to my list?

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