2016 Bucket List 2

There are so many things I want to do and achieve this year. I really feel that all aspects of my life need enhancing. There isn’t anything wrong with my life as such, I just want to get more out of it. I have spent the past year staying in my dressing gown too long, feeling tired and lazy, having too many moments of self doubt and worrying about money. Well I want this year to be different. I want to look back on the year, and know I grabbed every possible opportunity and went for it. I want to feel healthier and more alive, I want a friendship group that I can go for lunch with or grab a coffee (tea) with. I want to start working towards mine and my family’s future. And I want to have some fun! It’s not all for selfish reasons. I want my boys to get more out of life too. Whilst their re-enactment’s of Disney films are word perfect and very cute, there is much more to life than the sofa and tv. In my opinion writing things down helps motivate me to get things done, so figured why not write a 2016 Bucket list to start me off!? I’m sure the second I hit the publish button I will think of a million other things I could have put, but the bucket list rules say you can add to it right? So here goes…

My 2016 Bucket List

2016 bucket list


Re-decorate the kitchen

Start Vlogging

Finish off the last bit of the garden

Visit my two best friends Briony & Lisa (without children)

Have a New Year’s Eve party

See more of family

Get my horrid feet seen to

Join a Zumba class

Host a dinner party

Take Hayden to see Santa

Host 2 charity events

Start bringing in a steady income

Learn to drive

Meet some blogging friends

Start saving

Open bank accounts for the boys

Have a blog post featured on Mumsnet

Have more than 4 date nights

Get Ellis involved in some clubs/groups

Take Kinley swimming weekly

Go abroad on holiday

Visit 2 new cities

Attend 2 craft/wedding fairs (as a seller)

Have my hair cut in a different style

So there we have it, I can’t think of anything else right now, but I may do an update later in the year!

Are you a fan of Bucket Lists? Have you made one for this year? What is top of your list?







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