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Until I started blogging myself, I had never really read blogs. I didn’t really know much about them and definitely didn’t realise just how many bloggers there were. The community is huge! My favourite blogs are constantly changing. As my style changes, and more and more new blogs appear it is only a natural process. Today I’m sharing 10 blogs I’m loving lately. I could have listed SO many more, as I read ALOT of blogs, through linkys I join, blogs I subscribe to, and those that catch my attention on social media.

10 blogs I'm loving lately

When I first started blogging it was always the humorous parenting blogs that caught my eye. I was at a stage in my life where I was struggling to cope with changing from a working mum to a stay at home mum. Knowing I wasn’t the only one tearing my hair out and grabbing the bottle of wine by the end of the day was incredibly comforting. My own blog was a release. The kind of posts I wrote were almost always personal and really opening myself up to people that had never met me before.

Whilst I still write a lot of personal posts, I prefer to read about positive things, things that inspire me or even people that inspire me to be a better person, a more positive person, posts that inspire me to put my creative touch on our home.

Stylish, clean and modern looking blogs seem to be the ones that really catch my eye at the moment, and is definitely something I inspire to get better at as my blog grows and changes with the times.

10 Blogs I’m loving lately

Mum In Brum

10 blogs I'm loving lately: Mum In Brum

Mum in Brum is a blog I have discovered more recently. Nat posts about a whole range of subjects. I am loving her recent posts about working from home. A subject I am incredibly interested in at the moment as I try and venture into a self employed world.

Mummy Of Boy Girl Twins

10 blogs I'm loving lately: Mummy Of Boy Girl Twins

I have followed Jess’s blog from day one. Jess oozes style and sophistication and her blog completely mirrors that. I love her super useful posts on pursuing a freelance career and  I have loved following her journey moving home. If you want interiors style and tips, Mummy of boy girl twins is the place to go!

Pinks Charming

10 blogs I'm loving lately: Pinks Charming

Becky’s blog is one I have subscribed to fairly recently.  I have a feeling we will get on well when we finally get to meet. Becky also has a love for a bit of crafting and stationery, and she has 2 of the most adorable little girls!

Island Living 365

10 blogs I'm loving lately: Island Living 365

Emma only started her blog this year as a new years resolution, but you would never be able to tell. She blogs about a whole host of subjects whilst sharing what island living is like as her and her family have recently moved to Jersey.

Laura’s Lovely Blog

10 blogs I'm loving lately: Laura's Lovely Blog

I LOVE Laura’s blog. It is very hard to come across a person that can be positive about nearly everything, and Laura is one of those people. She always has a solution to a problem too! As you can imagine Laura’s Lovely Blog is full of lovely things! And I do love pretty things!

Mummy, Daddy, Me

10 blogs I'm loving lately: Mummy Daddy Me

Katie’s is another blog I have followed right from day 1. This lady has photography skills I’m sure professionals are envious of. Her beautiful family and making memories are at the forefront of her stunning online space. Katie really is a talented lady.

The Twinkle Diaries

10 blogs I'm loving lately: The Twinkle Diaries

The twinkle diaries really is a pretty blog. Caro, has spent a lifetime in creative work and this clearly shows. Caro describes her blog as a memory box for her beautiful twin boys. Caro also sells some gorgeous prints and papercuts.

Hot Pink Wellingtons

10 blogs I'm loving lately: Hot Pink Wellingtons

I have read Katy’s blog on and off for a while, but recently re-discovered her through one of the Linky’s I join. I really do love keeping up with the stunning renovations of her home.

Life Unexpected

10 blogs I'm loving lately: Life unexpected

The first thing that stands out when you visit Life Unexpected is how stunning Chloe’s photography is. She lives in a beautiful part of the country and this shows through her amazing skill at capturing stunning images of both her surroundings and her beautiful little lady. Chloe also shares plenty of blogging tips that are sure to be quickly added to the ‘to do’ list!


10 blogs I'm loving lately: Maflingo

Maflingo is a relatively new blog, but wow does Jane have style?! I love her home and interiors posts, and I have complete room envy over her downstairs living space. It really is stunning!


Several of these bloggers are also finalists in this years MADs & BiBs blogging awards. Good luck to all of you!

What are your favourite blogs at the moment? Do you find your favourites are constantly changing?


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