Spectrum Sunday #24

Happy Sunday all and welcome to Spectrum Sunday #24. The place to link up all of your ASD related blog posts. Thank you to everyone that joined me last week! There were so many posts on PDA, naturally with PDA awareness day being last Monday. Thank you for educating me more […]

Spectrum Sunday pic

Wildlife Trust, Brightlingsea and Hungry Horse 1

Last weekend we decided we all needed to get out of the house and soak up some sunshine and fresh air. You may have read a few days ago that in fact, our ‘perfect’ family day out was anything but! After I had got over my stubborn grump at the […]

Family day out

Can i help you with your wedding part 5

Can I help you with your wedding Part 5

Welcome to my mini series, Can I help you with your wedding? A ten part series, posted fortnightly about all the different ways I can help you with the planning and design for your big day. People say that your wedding is the biggest and best day of your life, […]


Improving health and fitness with HeyWorkout! 4

Recently I seem to be taking myself on a bit of a self improvement journey. I am happy with life but I know I can do so much to make it better, happier and more fulfilled. I’m not sure whether the motivation is the brighter mornings, the fact I am […]

The Ordinary Moments #8 A Daddy’s Boy 7

It is often said that boy’s tend to be mummy’s boys, with Ellis and Kinley that is very much the case. But with Hayden he is definitely a Daddy’s boy and always has been. I think it probably has a lot to do with the fact the during Hayden’s earlier […]

A Daddy's boy